With SPLOST, one penny makes a huge difference!

The Power of a Penny…

Who would have ever thought that the lowly penny could be such a powerful agent of change? With SPLOST, it’s a distinct reality. The Lamar County Board of Commissioners are collecting ideas for the next SPLOST project, known as SPLOST III, which will run from 2018 to 2023. The Board will work hard to support, provide, protect, and work with all citizens for the betterment of Lamar County. Any suggestions you may have for the upcoming SPLOST projects are welcome!

1. Replace Courthouse Windows
2. Storage system for Superior Court Clerk
3. Improved Internet Access
4. Heat and Air Conditioning at the Jail building
5. New security and communications center at Jail
6. 3200 sq ft for Health Dept (New or refurbished)
7. Fellowship Dr. (curve) improvements
8. Rec Dept fields on HWY 36
9. Animal Shelter
10. New Office Center (behind Admin Bldg or Courthouse)
11. Booker School Property
12. Projects to help sell Lamar County
13. Spec Building for the IDA
14. Sheriff’s cars ( XX new cars per year)