USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service

District Conservationist
Carmen Westerfield

Soil Conservation County Technician
Kyle Penny


Department Information
The USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works with people to conserve natural resources on private lands. NRCS helps land users and communities approach conservation planning and implementation with an understanding of how natural resources relate to each other and to all of us – and how our activities affect those resources. We provide technical assistance to landowners interested in managing their land to protect their natural resources. We provide information on soil surveys and resource information.

Our mission covers three major areas:

  1. Soil and Water Conservation
  2. Natural Resource Surveys
  3. Community Resource Protection and Management

NRCS is a strong partner with the Lamar County Soil and Water Conservation District. Some of the things accomplished through this partnership are field days and conservation education. The Farmers Market is sponsored by the Lamar District and provides fresh fruits and vegetables for the community on Thursday afternoons throughout the summer months.

More information can be obtained by visiting the federal government’s USDA website at

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