Solid Waste Authority

The Lamar County Regional Solid Waste Authority (LCRSWA), formed August 29, 1993 as a Regional Authority by Lamar County and the City of Milner, is responsible for management of the County’s solid waste programs, including the curbside collection system, disposal (landfill), and recycling.

The Authority is operated as an enterprise fund with no property tax funding. The Authority’s Cedar Grove Landfill is an award winning, state of the art, Subtitle-D Landfill. It began the only landfill reclamation project in Georgia in 2001, and has successfully reclaimed and recycled 20 acres of the old, unlined, Lamar County Landfill. Completion of the reclamation project will provide 80 years of disposal life for Lamar County residents.

Once per week, curbside collection is provided for $33.00 per quarter which includes a 95-gallon cart and 4,000 pounds per year, per household, of additional bulk disposal at the landfill at no additional cost.

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